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A truly free app with lots of free shows!

I love it!!

Awesome tv and movie app. Definitely going to share with friends and family.

Love it

This app is amazing

awesome app

Its really great app to watch bunch movies, just few adds but no big deal.

Cant replay an Episode ?

Why cant I replay an episode of something after I have seen it ?


Simple good more than I wait

Pretty cool

They do have some pretty cool movies

Its OK

The app is great including its absolutely free!! But the only three movies I wanted or not on there but its great and absolutely free!!


Poor selections. I wish I didnt have for give it a star?


I love Im so supposed they have such a wide selection for free ! Definitely recommend!


Tried to register many times. Never could get it to work. Also seems there are more ads. And no email address for consumer customer service. I deleted it. Too bad.

I love it

Is awesome the best

Good but could be great

Good but could be great if less commercials I understand that its FREE and maybe the commercials pays for that but less would be awesome Other than that tons of movie available documentary and investigation shows all that Im into Oh!!!did I mention its FREE oh yeah I did

Perfect app

Nice and good movies and program.

Its great

But if they could add a bit of newer movies it would be awesome. Other than that I love it I watch naruto on it all the time ❣️❣️

Love it!

I love the fact they have a great selection and its so easy to use!


I love this app.

Awesome app lots of potential!

This app is great me and my boyfriend were watching a movie with this app on our Apple TV and left to grab some food and continued to watch it while we were in the restaurant! So many great movies. Way better than Netflix! The only thing that annoys me is that when the ads play I have to disconnect from my Apple TV and reconnect to after its done to continue the movie.

Great app

You can watch anime and other movies 10/10


Some of the episodes arent playing. Do something about it please.

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